French-Asian bakery café chain TOUS Les JOURS has announced the rollout of several new products – Banana Cake, Purple Sweet Potato Loaf, Garlic Cream Cheese Bread and Garlic Ham Cheese Bread.

The brand’s new signature cake, Banana Cake, is an airy sponge cake covered in lightly sweetened banana-flavored buttercream with a layer of hazelnut cocoa spread inside.

Purple Sweet Potato Loaf is a vibrant purple-colored bread made with purple sweet potato powder. It features a purple and violet hue, a creamy texture and a subtle sweet potato aroma.

The two new garlic bread items are made with a special sweet garlic sauce. The Garlic Cream Cheese Bread is a bread bowl with sweet garlic sauce, cream cheese filling and parmesan, and the Garlic Ham Cheese Bread is a sweet garlic bread with slices of ham and cheese.

“This month, we’re introducing new bakery items made with trendy flavor and ingredients,” says TOUS les JOURS USA marketing manager Brian Nam. “Purple sweet potato has been one of the most popular ingredients in the dessert world this year, and we’re very excited to showcase our spin on this delicious ingredient.”