For a limited time, Insomnia Cookies is offering a new dessert to help customers celebrate April 20 (4/20).

The warm cookie delivery bakery’s new Cookie Butter Nachos feature 18 mini chocolate chunk cookies drizzled with smooth, rich Cookie Butter and a choice of up to three toppings. Cookie Butters Nachos will be available in-store or delivery until May 2, or while supplies last.

Insomnia is also giving a free cookie on 4/20 with any in-store or delivery order.

Members of Insomnia’s unlimited cookie membership, CookieMagic, can also enjoy exclusive 4/20 deals, including:

  • Early access to Cookie Nachos starting April 16
  • Exclusive discount on Cookie Nachos on April 20
  • $10 Baker’s Dozen (13 classic cookies) on April 20 only