Last summer, New York City’s Levain Bakery revealed that it would begin selling its famous six-ounce cookies in supermarkets, making their debut at Texas-based grocery chain Central Market. They were available in four flavors – chocolate chip walnut, two-chip chocolate chip, dark chocolate peanut butter and oatmeal raisin – each costing around $8 for a box of eight 2-oz. cookies.

Now, the renowned bakery is offering the ready-to-bake version of its cookies at one of the nation's biggest supermarket chains. On Tuesday, April 13, Levain announced that the frozen line that includes its signature chocolate-walnut, as well as variations of its two-chip and dark chocolate chip, will be available at Whole Foods stores nationwide this month.

“We listened to our customers. That’s something that they’ve been asking for, for a really long time,” Levain Bakery co-founder Pam Weekes tells Forbes. “We decided that we would give it a try and we came up with a cookie that we thought was as good as the original four. We didn't use any different ingredients than we use in the bakery. It’s butter, flour, sugar, eggs.”

The line has been sold at East Coast Whole Foods locations since September as a pilot program, and is now ready to be showcased across the country.

Levain Bakery’s expansion doesn’t stop at the supermarket, however. With three locations in New York and one in Washington, DC, the bakery has plans to grow far beyond that region. Levain is currently building its first location in Boston and second in DC, and is also looking at locations in markets like Chicago and Florida.