Leading bakery ingredient and chocolate supplier Puratos USA has announced the launch of its new Belcolade Selection Dark Sugar Reduced Cacao-Trace Chocolate.

Made with all-natural chicory root fiber instead of high-intensity sweeteners like Stevia or Aspartame, the latest addition to the premium Belcolade Selection range has 40% less sugar and is 100% natural, using only clean label ingredients to create a perfectly balanced flavor with bright, fruity and smooth roasted cocoa notes.

This bold new chocolate is also made with sustainably sourced cocoa beans from Puratos’ unique Cacao-Trace sustainability program, which uses expert fermentation techniques to produce superior chocolate and rewards its cocoa farmers with a Chocolate Bonus of $0.05 per pound of chocolate sold. This can add up to 1 to 2 months of additional salary for the farmers.

“We are relentlessly focused on crafting products with the best nutritional value possible, without compromising on taste, texture, or quality,” says Jaina Wald, vice president of marketing for Puratos USA. “We know that chocolatiers, patissiers and bakers want the best tasting chocolate for their customers, and consumers are more focused than ever on improving their health and well-being. Now, they can come together for an indulgent chocolate experience both feel good about.”

Belcolade Selection Sugar Reduced Chocolate can be used in a wide array of applications, from truffles and tablets to cakes and brownies.