With Mother’s Day a month and half away, The Maui Cookie Lady is preparing with specialty cookie flavors on its menu. Available now, the Nutella Strawberry and Mango Mai Tai cookies are sweet gifts for mothers on their special day.

The Nutella Strawberry is a velvet cocoa cookie mixed with a lightly roasted hazelnut paste from the Piedmont region of the Italian alps that border Switzerland and France. The paste is folded with the dough and a scoop of traditional Nutella and a truffled center with strawberry chocolate drizzle is added.

The Mango Mai Tai features island mango infused into a cookie then rolled in Maui Distilled Macadamia Nut Rum. In the center of this treat is a mango cream.

Along with The Maui Cookie Lady’s other offerings, these gourmet cookies are available for delivery nationwide and to Canada and come in personalized packaging.