Christina Tosi, founder of the popular Milk Bar franchise that has multiple locations throughout the US and can be found in grocery store aisles, is one of the most innovative minds in baking today. The accomplished baker and businessperson is now looking to pass along some of her knowledge in a new class.

Available through Monthly, which offers immersive, month-long classes taught by popular creators and experts, Tosi’s new class is a 30-day experience that will help individuals become more creative and confident bakers. The class will take a deep dive into the world of creative baking and will give attendees 3 classic Milk Bar recipes, 3 original recipes of their own and an arsenal of skills.

The class begins on March 29, with enrollment available now through March 19. The online sessions take place over 5-10 hours per week for 4 weeks and are for bakers of all levels.

Tosi will go in-depth on three different categories: Cookies, Pies and Cakes. Along the way, attendees will learn Baking Fundamentals; Controlling Flavor, Texture and Shape; Following and Modifying Existing Recipes; Intuitive Understanding of Ingredients; The Science of Baking; Precise Measuring, Creaming and Baking; and much more.

The full curriculum for Christina Tosi’s class can be found at Monthly’s website.