Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is shining a new light on its Original Glazed dozens, both mornings and evenings, with a special deal.

Starting February 22, customers can get $5 Original Glazed dozens during all Hot Light hours. Krispy Kreme’s iconic Hot Light is a sign of hot Original Glazed doughnuts fresh off the line.

“If you’ve never tasted an Original Glazed doughnut hot off the line, now’s the time,” says Krispy Kreme chief marketing officer Dave Skena. “Look for the neon glow of the Hot Light to guide you to your new favorite sweet treat.”

Fans can find out when their local Krispy Kreme location’s Hot Light is on to take advantage of the $5 dozens deal by downloading the Krispy Kreme app or visiting Krispy Kreme’s website.