In addition to delivery, the foodservice industry will see many new and continuing trends this year. Among them are:

Groceries – Another way foodservice establishments adapted to the coronavirus was by adapting their pantries into mini-grocery stores. Many bakeries took advantage of these unconventional takeout opportunities, letting customers “shop” from their supply for essentials like toilet paper and produce.

Meal Kits – 2020 was a big year for meal kits, and that will continue in 2021. In response to local health and safety guidelines restricted traditional dining, many businesses moved to offer meal kits and catering to-go for customers.

A New Way to Explore – Travel restrictions have also contributed to the challenges of the pandemic. However, consumers are finding new ways to travel across the globe with cuisines. American, Italian, Mexican, Chinese and Japanese foods are quite popular, as are Thai, Indian, French, Caribbean and Greek.

Comfort – The pandemic has caused plenty of stress, leading many to seek comfort in food. Some of the most searched and ordered foods on delivery platforms in 2020 included chicken sandwiches, burgers and fries, burritos, pad Thai, mac and cheese, mozzarella sticks and Detroit-style pizza.

Smaller Portions – On the wedding reception front, cakes and other eats will become more individualized in 2021. The Knot predicts that mini hors d'oeuvres and single tier/mini cakes will be popular in the coming year.