Earlier this month, we reported that warm cookie delivery bakery Tiff’s Treats was celebrating its 22nd anniversary by seeking out its first customer in 1999, known only by her first name, Amy. Tiff’s Treats founders Tiffany and Leon Chen wanted to extend their gratitude by rewarding Amy with a year of free cookies.

The Chen’s “Finding Amy” video received more than 235,000 views on TikTok and 18,000 views on Instagram, and was broadcast to viewers nationally by Inside Edition and across Texas by Austin’s KVUE (ABC), KXAN (NBC) and Fox stations, Dallas/Fort Worth’s NBC5 and San Antonio’s KENS5 (CBS) station. Video updates on the search for Amy had more than 130,000 TikTok views and 15,000 Instagram views.

“We had no idea this would take off, and we’ve received thousands of comments and messages,” says Tiffany Chen, Tiff’s Treats co-founder. “Lots of Amys and early customers have reached out with credible leads and we’ve found ‘our Amy’.”

Amy was informed of the search by a friend and is currently living overseas. She asked Tiff’s Treats to donate the year of free cookies to Foster Angels of Central Texas, a non-profit that meets the needs and enriches the lives of children in foster care.

“My big takeaway from this experience is to always be kind. You never know who you are going to influence positively or negatively with your attitude in the world,” says Amy. “I am immensely proud of entrepreneurs, and I’m feeling super grateful that my initial purchase made a positive impression on you both.”