Cargill Salt launched a new purified sea salt flour.

The ingredient is a unique type of ultra-fine cut, powder-like sodium chloride. It is suitable for applications that require extremely fine sizing for blending, including dry soup, cereal, flour and spice mixes, as well as for topping snack foods.

Its small size offers functional benefits when compared to traditional granular salt options, Cargill said. It adheres better to food, resulting in less salt waste, and dissolves faster in liquids than typical salt crystals, resulting in a more evenly saturated brine. Because they dissolve faster in the mouth, the fine particles also offer a faster salty flavor burst. This increased perception of saltiness may enhance other flavors and enable a reduction in sodium.

Other benefits of the new Sea Salt Flour include enhanced blendability and improved texture, with the ultra-fine cut crystals delivering a smooth consistency for an undetected presence in food. The powder-like texture may be particularly valuable for food applications where it is crucial to eliminate grittiness, Cargill said.