Retail bakeries typically reach a volume threshold that makes purchasing a new sheeter a valuable necessity. Across the country, bakeries are discovering the wisdom and value of such a move.

“We made the plunge last December and purchased a Rondo floor sheeter. Oh, my goodness, we love it so much,’ exclaims Patti Stobaugh, owner of PattiCakes Bakery and Stoby's Restaurant in Conway, Ak.

Primarily a scratch bakery dedicated to serving desserts reminiscent of a visit to Grandma's, PattiCakes has bolstered its online ordering presence to boost competitiveness.

“Just click below, customize your options and choose a pickup time. We'll take care of the rest,” the company reports on its website.

Baking equipment manufacturers and suppliers continue to innovate in a number of ways, adding features that make a baker’s life more efficient

Erika Record Baking Equipment now offers reversible pastry sheeter solutions for both retail and wholesale bakeries. This includes compact tabletop sheeters, traditional floor sheeters, automatic sheeters, and sheeters with optional cutting attachments for producing croissants, donuts, and pastries. 

The Z.Matik 507BL is the perfect reversible tabletop/bench sheeter for laminating and processing a wide variety of dough. This includes croissant, phyllo (also known as Filo or Fillo) doughs and puff pastry.

This space-saving sheeter is perfect for bakeries with limited space. When not in use both sides of the conveyor table fold up for storage. This versatile machine is capable of handling the majority of tasks of a traditional, full-sized floor model. It is suitable for a wide variety of doughs including puffed, croissant, biscuit, doughnut, short dough, and Phyllo (Filo).

This machine features a space-saving footprint designed to fit in most environments. In addition, both sides of the conveyor belt fold up when not in use for maximum storage.

The Z.Matik SFA Series automatic reversible pastry sheeter is perfect for bakeries and restaurants with high volume production needs. In addition, they are easy to clean and service with completely removable dough scrapers. This versatile machine can also be coupled with an available cutting station.

Empire’s EMP-LAM Reversible Floor Sheeter is a valuable ultimate multitask tool for any retail bakery. It’s ideal for laminated dough, pie crusts, cookies, fondant, and more. Large diameter rollers and significant dough capacity will provide bakers with consistent, high quality production while the easy-to-read digital display allows for precise control over sheeting thickness. When finished for the day, removable polyethylene scrapers make cleaning a snap.

The Omcan dough sheeter JDR520B is designed for optimal performance and is equipped with safety features including safety guards, emergency stop switch and thermal overload device, as well as preset roller thickness controls, and foldable tables for space-saving storage. This equipment is suitable for bakeries, restaurants, and hotels.

Bakeries and pizza shops can save time and labor by adding an Estella DSF78 78" reversible floor model dough sheeter to the bakery’s preparation area. Designed to quickly roll out several pounds of dough per minute, this sheeter features a 20 ½-inch roller and can produce dough thickness between 1/32-inch and 1 5/8 inches. The roller is equipped to roll up to 11 pounds of dough at a time, perfect for high-volume operations.