Consumers are looking for delicious baked goods that also satisfy their desire to eat healthier. With that in mind, WGSN, a global trend forecasting firm, announced the release of new research on the growth of interest in vegan baked goods based on data from a custom social media Influencer Map and online retail sales.

The use of the hashtag #veganbaking on social media jumped 35 percent in the past year, the research reveals. Thanks to innovations in ingredients including chickenless eggs and plant-based alternatives to butter and dairy milk, vegan baked goods are being embraced by eaters around the world.

“I attribute the vegan baking trend to unprecedented concern about personal health, animal welfare and environmental resources,” says Kara Nielsen, director of WGSN Food & Drink. “Like so many consumers, those following flexitarian and vegan diets nevertheless still crave a sweet treat, comfort food and celebratory baked items, all of which make this an ideal time for food makers to invest in developing more vegan baking ingredients, mixes and finished products.”

Vegan baked goods revealed by the WGSN Trend Curve research include creative banana breads, chocolate brownies made with plant butter and buttercream made with aquafaba. For Veganuary, the food equivalent for omnivores to Dry January for drinkers, Nielsen predicts that bakers will launch new vegan treats and experiment with new plant-butters designed for baking and more vegan baking mixes.