As we approach a holiday season unlike any other, La Brea Bakery surveyed over 500 consumers to get a sense for how they are planning to celebrate and how they plan to incorporate bread into their holiday meals.

“La Brea Bakery has always been dedicated to providing offerings that fit our customers’ needs and while this year has been full of changes, that dedication remains true,” says Brie Buenning, director of marketing for La Brea Bakery. “This is going to be a holiday season unlike any other and unsurprisingly, people are choosing to stay closer to home and celebrate in smaller groups or simplify their holiday meals. We’ll likely see many looking for classic flavors that can complement multiple meals and an uptick in dinner rolls or breads they can bake at home for convenience and smaller servings. Both at the La Brea Bakery café in Los Angeles as well as through our national distribution, we’re continuing to supply quality bread and hope that we can help accommodate our customers’ holidays however they may be celebrating.”

Among the survey’s findings:

1.            Do you plan on celebrating the upcoming holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve, or any other religious/cultural holidays) in any capacity this season?

a.            Yes (96.72%)

b.            No (3.28%)

2.            If yes, has COVID impacted how you would typically celebrate?

a.            Yes (83.02%)

b.            No (16.98%)

3.            Are you planning on traveling for the holidays at all?

a.            Yes, I will be traveling via flight for the holidays (10.48%)

b.            Yes, I will be traveling via car for the holidays (21.38%)

c.            I will be local for the holidays, but celebrating outside of my own home (21.80%)

d.            No, I will be at my own home for the holidays (46.33%)

4.            Are you hosting or attending?

a.            I am hosting a celebration (45.49%)

b.            I will be attending someone else’s celebration (45.49%)

c.            I am not celebrating (9.01%)

5.            What size group do you plan on celebrating with this year?

a.            I will be celebrating alone (5.45%)

b.            I will be celebrating with one other person (9.64%)

c.            I will be celebrating with 2-5 people (37.32%)

d.            I will be celebrating with 6-10 people (33.75%)

e.            I will be celebrating with 11-20 people (11.95%)

f.            I will be celebrating with more than 20 people (1.89%)

6.            If you are celebrating Thanksgiving, will you be serving/eating stuffing?

a.            Yes (79.45%)

b.            No (6.50%)

c.            I’m not sure (11.95%)

d.            I’m not celebrating Thanksgiving (2.10%)

7.            If you plan on serving/eating stuffing, how will you prepare it?

a.            Using a boxed mix (45.28%)

b.            Using bread pieces (54.72%)

8.            Will you be serving/eating bread at your holiday celebration and if so, what kind?

a.            Dinner rolls (75.26%)

b.            Baguettes (19.50%)

c.            Sliced bread loaves (17.61%)

d.            I will not be serving/eating bread (7.76%)

e.            Other (4.40%)

9.            How important is bread to your holiday meal?

a.            It is a key component (37.32%)

b.            It is a nice add-on (53.67%)

c.            It is not necessary (9.01%)

10.         Where will you get your bread?

a.            Regular bread aisle of the grocery store (27.46%)

b.            Instore bakery of the grocery store (47.59%)

c.            Instacart or other delivery services (6.92%)

d.            Local bakery (27.04%)

e.            Online (Amazon Fresh) (4.40%)

f.            I’ll be baking my own bread (17.61%)

11.         How far in advance do you plan on getting your bread?

a.            The week of the holiday (31.24%)

b.            A day or two before the holiday (56.39%)

c.            The day of the holiday (8.81%)

d.            Other (3.56%)

12.         Do you typically use your remaining bread to make leftover holiday sandwiches?

a.            Yes (79.25%)

b.            No (20.75%)

13.         Do you plan on visiting your local bakery in prep for the holidays? If so, what will you buy?

a.            Breads (42.77%)

b.            Pastries/Cookies (44.44%)

c.            Pies (45.28%)

d.            Prepared foods for a main meal (10.90%)

e.            Savory side dishes (vegetables, casseroles, etc.) (9.64%)

f.            Other (16.14%)

14.         What flavor breads are you looking for this holiday season?

a.            Sourdough (40.28%)

b.            Wheat/Grains (27.53%)

c.            Whole grains (or combine with above) (26.32%)

d.            Simple, classic flavors (rosemary, olive oil, garlic, etc.) (52.23%)

e.            Bold, exciting flavors (jalapeno cheddar, pecan raisin, olive, etc.) (12.55%)

f.            Seasonal flavors (pumpkin, cranberry, maple, etc.) (24.70%)

15.         Are you interested in seasonal breads?

a.            For the winter holidays (37.25%)

b.            For spring holidays (6.68%)

c.            Anytime for “limited time offer” breads (28.95%)

d.            Not interested (27.13%)

16.         Would you consider buying artisan bread as a gift for a loved one?

a.            Yes (62.15%)

b.            No (37.85%)