Leading chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut has announced a new, distinctive identity and positioning for its domestic brand Van Leer Chocolates. The reimagined Van Leer is a North American gourmet chocolate brand producing simplicity and quality products with sustainable, responsible, and simple solutions for bakeries, confectioneries, ice cream and beverage makers.

The new branding of Van Leer also includes a new logo, and a set of tools and services that fully complements the Barry Callebaut Gourmet house of brands. For over three generations, Van Leer Chocolate Corporation has used the finest ingredients to craft a full range of high-quality chocolates that have a distinct North American appeal.

“We’re so excited to reveal our rebranded North American line of chocolate and cocoa-based solutions,” says Dimitri Fayard, gourmet brands chef at the Chicago Chocolate Academy. “Designed to meet the needs of all segments of our business, Van Leer is a perfect balance between practicality and inspiration that fuels an industry dedicated to providing sweet chocolate moments for everyone. We look forward to showcasing the strength of our all-American brand as the US market discovers the reimagined Van Leer.”

Aligned with Barry Callebaut’s Forever Chocolate collective goals, Van Leer also has a sustainability commitment and support for the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. All cocoa within Van Leer products is sourced from the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. The foundation aims to achieve bold metrics by 2025 and be deforestation free and carbon neutral, eradicate child labor from the supply chain and help farmers out of poverty.