Austin, Texas-based Tiff’s Treats is bringing its warm cookie concept in a new form with the debut of its first-ever food truck. Custom built by Cruising Kitchens for its Built for Business television show, scheduled to air on Thursday, November 19, the truck is a full kitchen on wheels with the same baking capacity as a Tiff’s Treats store—and the familiar look of the brand’s signature cookie box.

“We’re amazed at how the Cruising Kitchens team brought this idea to life with such a beautiful, functional design that will let us delight cookie fans and charitable organizations in our communities,” says Tiff’s Treats co-founder Tiffany Chen. “When you see our Treats Truck, think free cookies!”

Tiff’s Treats launched the truck with a visit to Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin to treat staff and patients to freshly baked cookies. From the Dell Children’s Medical Center parking lot, Tiff’s Treats staff baked in the Treats Truck and delivered more than 200 dozen cookies to healthcare workers and patients, ensuring socially distanced delivery through hospital staff.

“We couldn’t think of a better way to reveal our new traveling kitchen than with a visit to Dell Children’s to treat frontline healthcare workers, kids and their families,” says Tiff’s Treats co-founder Leon Chen. “We are personally very grateful to these healthcare workers who provide world-class care, including to our son, who recently had surgery at Dell Children’s.”

Cruising Kitchens, a leading food truck fabricator, designed and built the 30-foot Tiff’s Treats truck to boast 22 feet of kitchen space, dual convection ovens, a custom 12-foot Tiff’s Treats Signature Blue ribbon sitting atop the truck and more.

“I’ve been a big fan of Tiff’s Treats for a long time and think this truck will be a strategic way for Tiff’s Treats to get its brand on a nationwide platform,” says Cameron Davies, owner of Cruising Kitchens.