Debbas Gourmet, an industry leader in custom private label confections and new product development for over 40 years, is launching a new line of line of chocolate barks and caramels packaged in vibrant pouches.

A’cappella Chocolate is inspired by the Debbas family’s love of music. A’cappella looks to be a chorus of premium ingredients and intricate tasting notes that come together in bold flavors and irresistible confections.

The line, available now, includes a selection of broken barks with flavors such as Irish Cream Mud Pie and Berry Shortcake as well as caramels including Mexican Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows and Dark Chocolate Merlot with Merlot-infused Sea Salt. They come in twelve-count case packs and shippers.

“For too long chocolate has gone down the path of one-note flavors and flat innovation,” says new product specialist and chocolatier Max Debbas, “We bought the fun and enjoyment back to chocolate, while still keeping our commitment to use only the highest ingredients and award winning quality. Your first bite and you are back to being a kid in a candy store! At A’cappella, we let the rhythm of our imagination guide the creation of our confections.”