The Bagel Nook in Freehold, New Jersey has taken its seasonal celebration to the next level with a product resembling a fall favorite. The bagel bakery is selling pumpkin-shaped bagels that look exactly like the plump orange vegetable, complete with a licorice or green-bean “stem”.

Available at its Freehold and Princeton locations, as well as on Goldbelly, The Bagel Nook’s pumpkin bagels are made using a slightly different process than the bakery’s regular bagels. Despite not actually being pumpkin flavored, the product is a big hit with customers.

Additionally, The Bagel Nook is selling pumpkin-flavored coffee through the Nook Coffee Roaster brand. Other seasonal flavors include maple bacon, snickerdoodle and s’mores.

The pumpkin-shaped bagels will be available until Thanksgiving. After the holiday, the bakery will begin offering candy cane-themed bagels in the weeks leading up to Christmas.