The patented Popping Cake Stand, designed by a baker and her engineer son (Liz Charm and Jordan Long), has a gift pod that hides a surprise in your cake, which pops through at the right moment. Think of it like a Jack-in-the-Box for cake and gifts.

“The idea came to me in the middle of the night before my eldest daughter’s 13th birthday. This birthday was going to be an extra special one; she would receive her first cell phone,” says Liz Charm, co-founder of Surprise Cake. “Growing up, birthdays were a huge deal in my family. My parents always did it up for my two sisters and me, incorporating some element of surprise into our big day. I made it a point to continue this favorite tradition for my children and, for my daughter’s birthday that year, I knew the cell phone had to be part of the surprise. I had the idea that after my daughter blew out the candles, the phone would ring from inside the cake.”

Now, the family behind Surprise Cake will take their innovative product to ABC’s Shark Tank, on the November 6 episode. They will showcase the spring-loaded stand, which includes a gift pod large enough to hold a modern-day cellphone.

“We are thrilled to have Surprise Cake appear on national television on one of our favorite shows,” says co-founder Jordan Long. “We think the American audience will love the Popping Cake Stand. And of course, everyone should tune in for a huge surprise on November 6th!”