American Key Food Products (AKFP) introduced an organic version of its gluten-free, grain-free King Lion Premium Cassava Flour.

The new Organic Premium Cassava Flour is made through AKFP’s proprietary milling process without chemical additives. It has the same baking properties as the company’s existing cassava flour and takes on the characteristics of tapioca starch, including low gelatinization temperature, paste clarity, good viscosity, bland or neutral flavor and freeze-thaw stability, AKFP said.

The flour has around 7% dietary fiber content and low levels of reducing sugar, which reduces acrylamide formation in baked and extruded snacks, says Mel Festejo, chief operating officer at AKFP.

“Demand for our naturally gluten-free Premium Cassava Flour has grown rapidly as the market for high-quality gluten-free and paleo baked goods continues to expand,” Festejo says. “It became clear to us a couple of years ago that many people who are pursuing a gluten-free, paleo or grain-free lifestyle are also looking for organic options, so offering this Organic Premium Cassava Flour is a natural evolutionary step for our cassava-based ingredient line.  It took a while for AKFP to gain access to organic farms planted with cassava, but we are there now with cassava supplies, though we will have limited quantities for the time being. In the future we will be offering other organic ingredients as well.”

The non-GMO verified, clean label ingredient is compatible with gluten-free, paleo and vegan diets. It may be used to make a variety of baked foods and extruded snacks, including tortillas, tortilla chips, bread and buns, cookies, crackers, brownies, cakes, pancakes, pizza crust and more.