Justine Pringle is the Danish-South African chocolatier behind New York City’s Nunu Chocolates (named one of the “Best in America” by Bon Appétit and “Top Ten Chocolates” by New York Magazine. Pringle was also named one of the “Top Ten Chocolatiers in North America” by Dessert Professional Magazine.

Pringle was trained as a scientist and worked in waste management and healthcare before she started making chocolate. “Nunu” is an affectionate nickname Justine’s mother called her during her childhood in Africa and now it’s the name of her thriving chocolate shop and kitchen in Brooklyn.

The award-winning chocolatier is back with a new confection line, launched this week in New York City. North South Confections pairs creamy fruit and caramel centers with carefully chosen chocolate infusions to deliver a confection that turns the notion of “old-fashioned fruity chocolates” on its head.

North South Confections’ first collection, Fruits Both Familiar and Curious, features creamy, chocolate-infused 100% fresh fruit purée centers enveloped in 70% cacao dark chocolate, with delightfully unexpected flavors like passion fruit (“Tawdry Tart”), lime (“Licentious Lime”), naranjilla (“The Real Colombian Gold”) and graviola (“My Dear Graviola”) that promises to take customers on a textural journey that creates a transcendental chocolate experience.

“Throughout the time of COVID—when so many of us are craving comfort through food – I found myself craving specific and unexpected flavor combinations that sent me on a quest to feel fully satiated,” says Pringle. “This impulse ultimately influenced the curious flavor profiles of North South. My aim was to create an unapologetic escape for this heavy time.”

The chocolate used in each North South confection is from Republica Del Cacao, featuring cacao that comes from small plantations in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. North South’s suppliers are committed to a code of Responsible and Sustainable Practices that secure safe labor conditions, human rights, anti-corruption and environmentally friendly practices.