While most bakers choose to add some personal touch to their cookies with frosting, a new tool allows them to apply small messages to the surface of cookies.

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters, the Customizable Cookie Stamp comes with interchangeable letters and little shapes such as stars and hearts. Bakers arrange the letters in the stamp to spell a desired message, dust with flour so it’s easy to remove from the dough and stamp rolled-out dough right before baking.

The stamp is made from wood and silicone and is food-safe, but customers are encouraged to hand wash everything carefully so that the small letters don't get lost in the wash.

The Customizable Cookie Stamp ($15) is an online-exclusive product through Urban Outfitters. The product is ideal for bakers of any level. Home bakers can use it to make creative desserts for family and friends, and professionals can use it to touch up their sugary works of art.