The annual bakery day, organized by the Retail Bakers of America (RBA), celebrates the spirit of independent retail bakeries. Established just a few years ago, this sweet “holiday” recognizes those bakeries that are such a big part of their communities.

This year, countless bakeries are getting in on the action, offering special items and deals to customers. For example, Three Brothers Bakery in Houston, Texas, in honor of its 71st anniversary, is selling 71 cent cookies at each of its three locations.

At Bäckeri Kline in Monroe, Wisconsin, complimentary celebration treats include buried cherry cookies, sugar cookies with marshmallow buttercream frosting and coarse sugar sprinkles, 2% chocolate milk or 2% white milk.

Rheinlander Bakery in Arvada, Colorado has a unique promotion for National Bakery Day. The bakery is giving every purchaser a free treat. Employees spin the wheel of bakery fortune and whatever it lands on is the customer’s to keep.

Lyndell’s Bakery in Somerville, Massachusetts launched a promotion based around its famous half-moon cakes. As the oldest scratch bakery in New England, Lyndell’s has been supplying customers with treats for 43,154 days, and National Bakery Day is a celebration of the bakery’s history and the talented bakers that have made the half-moons possible.

Sweet Arts Bakery in Geneseo, New York is joining with SUNY Geneseo to do a fundraiser for food security on the SUNY campus and in its community.  The bakery is giving away a mini cinnamon roll and collecting non-perishable and cash donations for the local food pantry. This is being done to attract hundreds of college students who will also be able to learn about the issue surrounding food insecurity on campus and how they can help.

If your bakery is participating in National Bakery Day, tag us on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear about all of the great promotions being run today in celebration of our nation’s outstanding retail bakeries!