Premium chocolate company GODIVA has announced the launch of its Signature Mini Chocolate Bars, a new take on the classic chocolate bar, featuring eight perfectly portioned, individually wrapped mini versions.

This is a new format for the brand and was developed with ease of consumption and convenience both top of mind. The new GODIVA Signature Mini Bars are available in several flavors, including:

  • Roasted Almond Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate infused with crunchy roasted almond pieces
  • 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate – Intense and smooth dark chocolate made of 72% cacao
  • Milk Chocolate – Rich, creamy and delicate milk chocolate
  • Sea Salt Dark Chocolate – A combination of dark chocolate and sea salt crystals
  • Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate – Creamy milk chocolate infused with salted toffee pieces
  • Almond & Honey Milk Chocolate – Milk chocolate with roasted almond pieces and honey

“Our brand purpose at GODIVA is to open people’s eyes to a more wonderful world,” says John Galloway, chief marketing & innovation officer. “With our latest launch of GODIVA Signature Mini Bars, we’re doing just that by giving consumers a completely new way to enjoy the premium taste of GODIVA. Equally exciting is making this delicious offering available where we know we can reach a broader and more diverse group of chocolate lovers. Now, Wonder Awaits our fans in the chocolate aisles of major retailers.”