With class coming back into session across the country, Great Harvest Bread Co. owners want to inspire new favorite sandwich ideas and feed families in need.

The company has announced The Return of the Lunchbox social share and local charity initiative. This new campaign is a way to engage and spark kids’ creativity, while also giving back to the local community through its charitable aspect.

From mid-August through the end of September, parents and kids are encouraged to post a photo of their sandwich masterpiece on Facebook or Instagram served on any signature Great Harvest loaf of bread. To participate, participants must tag their local Great Harvest location and use the hashtag: #returnofthelunchbox and #LunchboxCity (ex. #LunchboxBoise). In the post, they can share their short list of ingredients and why it is the “go-to” lunch box item.

For every social post, that local Great Harvest location will make a bread donation to the local food bank and/or charity of their choice.

“We know that parents, teachers and kids are stressed right now and if there is a small way to bring a smile to a little ones face whether they are eating lunch at school or at home, we want to be a part of that,” says Mike Ferretti, chief executive officer of Great Harvest. “It’s a simple way for parents to see what other fun, sandwich ideas are kid-approved all while helping support other families who are in need of bread donations.”