Fill Me Up Buttercup is a Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based bakery that specializes in custom cakes and next-level cupcakes. The bakery is winning fans all over the city and beyond with its stuffed cupcakes complete with unique toppings.

Cupcakes cost $30 for a box of six, but that can be considered more than worth it for the toppings they come with. Among the unique offerings is the Cookie Monster, featuring chocolate cupcake with an Oreo cookie base filled with cookie dough topped with Oreo swiss meringue buttercream, crushed Oreo pieces and an Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookie.

There’s also The Breakfast Club, a vanilla cupcake brushed with maple syrup, filled with blueberry jam, and topped with maple swiss meringue buttercream and a mini pancake stack – all made with 100% pure Canadian maple syrup.

Fill Me Up Buttercup was started in 2013 by Alana Mammoliti. She loved baking cupcakes, but needed more than fluffy cake and sweet icing. That’s when she decided to fill them with a wide variety of ingredients, including fruit preserves, custards, cookie dough and caramel.

These cupcakes are not for those looking to cut calories. As the bakery’s website explains, “Be aware - any New Year’s resolutions, diet commitments and meal prep plans are more than likely to end here. You have been warned. It’s too late to turn back now.”