Clean label can cover many areas — organic, non-GMO, shorter ingredient lists, simplified formulations that include only the ingredients people find in their kitchen cabinets, or free from artificial preservatives, colors and flavors, explains Kathy Sargent, director of global market strategy for Corbion.

This scenario points to a clear conclusion: There are countless ways to approach this important issue. What is imperative is that the industry respond in a way that addresses consumer demand in a proactive manner.

Nicole Rees, product director for AB Mauri North America, explains that while the definition of clean label is still up for grabs and even a bit misunderstood, consumers want simple, trusted and easy-to-understand ingredients in the foods they choose.

“We’re in a second wave of clean label, where ingredients chosen are just step one,” she says. “How they were produced and processed is now being questioned. Essentially clean label is now also about processing.”

At Dawn Foods, Elena Taylor, senior director, wet ingredients, explains that one of the most common ways that consumers are making decisions is by reading the ingredients label. This sounds simple, but it is one of the quickest ways for a consumer to determine if a product is “clean.”

To make this easier on their customers, Dawn recommends bakers make ingredient lists and nutrition facts readily available within their stores and online. Certifications from third-party sources – like the Clean Label Project – are also important.

“Our current priorities are to expand our offerings of clean label items with natural preservatives and to ensure we anticipate shifts in the clean label space so we’re able to promptly address consumer needs,” Taylor explains.

In bake’s newest digital special report, we examine the many facets of clean label and offer real-time solutions to address this vitally important issue. In today’s world, it is clear that the industry must take action now in a way that addresses your customers’ needs and puts environmental concerns at the front of the line.