Every synthetic color made with artificial preservatives derived from sources including synthetic petroleum is associated with potential health risks, according to current research. TruColor is derived from fruits, vegetables, roots, and seeds, and every TruColor food color additive is associated with plant nutrients and possible health benefits, according to health reports.

TruColor Liquid Plant Based Food Colors are made from the highest quality natural sources. Professional strength formulations are highly concentrated; 1.5 ounces of liquid colors will color 5 to 10 pounds of icing. Sky Blue made from spirulina extract will color up to 20 pounds of buttercream icing.

The industry is moving toward more healthy ingredients driven by those who are increasingly aware of how diet can affect the quality of our lives. A key driving force are parents who care about what their family is consuming on a daily basis. Now more than ever before, people are taking time to read what is on the label and what they are putting on the table for their loved ones. Studies show that not only is eating healthy good for you, it is also beneficial for future generations and the possible mitigation of disease, according to a key study.

Natural color is not always the cheapest or easiest option. You will let your customers know that you care about their health and their families, as using natural color will not expose you or your customers to potentially harmful synthetic and artificial additives. Best of all, most customers do not mind paying a little more for a better and more healthy option.

TruColor liquid colors are shelf stable and have an unprecedented 1-plus-year ambient temperature shelf life. The company suggests that you keep containers tightly sealed and refrigerate them after opening.

“We have found that decorators are very creative people and they understand that something must be done about suspect ingredients. They appreciate the alternative to the synthetic dyes and artificial preservatives,” says Zachary Whann of TruColor. “Natural colors are not the same as the synthetics, where one color works in many different products. With natural color, there are many variables, and you need to know how all the ingredients in your icing or dough will react with plant-based color. Some colors are heat-stable; others are not.”

Innovations for today

TruColor serves as your “natural ingredient solutions” partner to help you learn how to most effectively use natural colors for your specific application. A "tru" American innovation, they are dedicated to providing a healthy alternative to synthetic ingredients with artificial preservatives. TruColor™ Natural Colors are free of FD&C dyes, free of artificial preservatives and free of "Big 8" allergens including milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soya. TruColor™ has free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) options.

“We initially became aware of the potential dangers of the artificial preservatives and synthetic food colors because one of our kids was diagnosed with autism,” Whann explains. “We looked for any way to improve his health including through his diet. When we analyzed what we were eating, we found an astonishing amount of questionable and suspect ingredients in the food we consume daily.”

“We were asked by our friends in the decorating community for natural colors,” he continues, “and we brought to bear our extensive experience in the food and color industry to focus on manufacturing and offering a natural healthy alternative to the commonly used synthetic food colors and artificial preservatives on the market today.”

The cutting edge

TruColor stands on the cutting edge of the natural food color development. The company has literally spent years developing its natural colors and is dedicated to providing a healthy alternative to synthetic food colors with artificial preservatives.

“Our colors are for the baker, the chef, and the home decorator,” Whann explains. “Tru Color's goal is to position ourselves to help everyone learn how to use natural colors. We are actively sourcing new and better raw materials and processes We do not use artificial preservatives, and our colors and have found natural and sustainable ingredients, to keep them stable and give them a longer shelf life than any other natural product on the market.”