Disco Dust can add amazing sparkle & pizzaz to your work; just make sure you're using it correctly. The key to using this type of dust is your liquid agent. Many decorators use water, but this is a BIG no-no! Once the water evaporates, there is nothing left to keep the disco dust sticking to the piece. Instead, use some form of simple syrup. The sugar element in the syrup will keep your dust where it belongs.




Using a paintbrush, apply a thin coat of your simple syrup to your fondant/gumpaste/pastillage piece.



Then pour the disco dust on top of the item. The disco dust will stick to any part of the piece that is wet, so only apply syrup where you want the glitter. 



If dust gets on dry parts it is easily removed by dusting it off with a clean dry paintbrush.



Shake off the excess. I always do this over a paper plate to catch the extra, then bend the plate and pour it back into the container...there is no reason to waste.



Be brave and try some cake disco dust today! I have an entire line available through Pfeil & Holing at www.cakedeco.com. If you are just beginning, the small pots are perfect for you to try out. If you are a sparkle lover like me, take a look at the giant 4oz jars!