Bake’n Babes in Tampa, Florida has become well known for its Freak Shakes, “extreme” milkshakes stacked with piles of cakes (as well as cookies, candy and other sweets). Each month, Bake’n Babes rotates in a new Freak Shake based on the season.

That has been more difficult in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, with the state’s coronavirus cases spiking, Bake’n Babes is closing its doors again. Now, the bakery’s items are only available through take-out and delivery.

To continue bringing its Freak Shakes to customers, Bake’n Babes is offering a do-it-yourself version. The bakery’s Freak Shake kits are $20 and come with everything needed to assemble a shake at home. This includes the milkshake itself with whipped cream and sprinkles, a slice of Funfetti cake with edible glitter, a pack of extra sprinkles, boba straws, a rainbow lollipop, rainbow cake topper, rainbow napkin, a sparkler candle and matches to light up the shake.

The current Freak Shake kit celebrates Pride Month, which was somewhat overlooked this year with so much focus on other events.

“We felt like Pride didn't really get the love and attention that it normally gets, so we are going to continue the Pride Freak Shake Kits through July,” says owner Julie Curry. “We really want people to get to celebrate in the comfort of their home!”