Insomnia Cookies has officially introduced its new R&D department, CookieLab. The newest ground-breaking initiative for the Insomnia Cookies brand is a playground for cookie innovation or cookie “research & doughvelopment”.

CookieLab Research & Doughvelopment experts will use the test space to dream up decadent desserts. The space will allow Insomnia Cookies to release cookie creations throughout the year. Fans will have “cookie clearance” in the CookieLab, as Insomnia Cookies will be sharing all of the “cookievation” that goes on every step of the way.

To kick off its new R&D department, Insomnia Cookies has launched its first cookie creation, the Fluffernutter. The limited-time throwback snack features a combination of marshmallow fluff and velvety peanut butter. Fluffernutter is now available to order through the Insomnia Cookies website, app and in-store.