Sizing cake pops

For those experiencing difficulty in making cake pops the same size, N.Y. Cake offers a convenient answer with new cake pop molds, which enable you to create decadent, single-serve desserts by simply filling each mold and baking. There are four eye-catching designs: round, star, heart, and cupcake.

These silicone molds are safe for use in the oven, microwave, and freezer. Transforming your cake pops into magical desserts is never easier because you simply attach the sticks after baking with melted chocolate or frosting. These convenient molds will help you lower production costs and boost profitability by ensuring that you are creating the same size cake pops every time.

Chocolate finishing

Now you can mold, sculpt, and shape eye-catching designs with ease using ChocoPan modeling chocolate from Satin Ice. Covering chocolate is ideal for wrapping and draping cakes for special and everyday celebratory occasions.

Make a castle cupcake wrapper using ChocoPan modeling chocolate with ease. You can roll the chocolate to cover, stamp and create accents because this product rolls thin and offers a smooth, consistent texture. To create your own castle cupcake wrappers, simply coat the sides of your cupcakes with buttercream using an angled palette knife and then carefully wrap the sides with covering chocolate wrap. Create a “castle door” with pink covering chocolate and then use edible glue to attach the door to your design. Finish with edible pearls as doorknobs.

Placing your finished creation in a refrigerator or using food grade cool spray will accelerate the set time, according to Satin Ice. Finished pieces should not be exposed to temperatures over 75°F and also can be placed in the freezer.