In a new initiative to cater to women football fans, the NFL has launched a new website, that plans to make “homegating” as much a pastime as tailgating. reported this week that DecoPac’s has played a role in engaging this audience. In an attempt to reach out to female NFL fans, Tami Beitz, a professional cake designer for has been featured on With a number of prizes such as a 52” flat-screen HDTV, an mp3 docking station and a $1,000 gift card to, the website is hosting a number of contests for participants.

DecoPac is working to deliver NFL themed designs and ideas. For instance, DecoPac’s JodiLee Knopps demonstrates how to make fun NFL-themed cupcakes in Baking Buyer’s Baker’s Workbench video series.

“We’ve created specialty designs to incorporate the homegating feel and have it come to life. We’ve done football-shaped cakes; we’ve done an actual grill-type cake we brought in through the homegating campaign,” says Laura Griffith, senior manager, marketing and licensing for DecoPac, “They’re really focusing on rivalries. This week it’s the Chargers and the Chiefs.”, DecoPac’s online cake ordering site, is an e-commerce site that assists bakeries with online ordering.