Cake decorating company Wilton is asking bakers and anyone who enjoys baking to use their creativity to write positive messages on their sweets as part of its new social media campaign.

Wilton’s Cakegram Project looks to fill social media with sweet messages through a medium bakers best know how – icing, sprinkles and color.

For those interested in participating, they can write a positive and uplifting message on a treat or use icing, sprinkles or any colorful edible materials to create a message. These “virtual greeting cards” can feature a piped message, sprinkle art or colorful pantry staples like candy and cereal.

Participants are asked to keep it nice and clean, so the company can keep a positive and uplifting tone among the baking and decorating community.

Messages can be shared on Instagram and other social channels, including the hashtag #sweeterincolor. Participants are encouraged to tag @wiltoncakes on posts for a chance to be featured on Wilton’s social channels.