The latest chocolate innovation offered on the ifiGOURMET Provisions ecommerce website is Santander Single Origin Colombian Chocolate, produced and manufactured by Luker Chocolate in Colombia. This chocolate features a defined Colombian Fino de Aroma cocoa aroma, a predominant mild cocoa flavor, fruit notes and a mild level of acidity as a perfect accompaniment for the chocolate flavor.

Santander is from the Santander region of Colombia, located just north of the country’s capital. It is known for its exotic combination of fruity, herbal and spicy flavors that complement the intensity of the cocoa.

Santander is available in Santander 65% cacao as well as Santander 85% cacao. The 65% is applicable to enrobing, decorative figures, molding, filling & ganaches, decorating and desserts, while the 85% is applicable to enrobing, molding and decorating.

Single Origin chocolates have a unique flavor given by the pureness of their origins. Made from selected beans from the different Fino de Aroma cocoa growing regions, their flavor not only reflects the cocoa variety, but also the richness of the soil and the cocoa growing culture of its region.