Bourbon Pumpkin Spice, Maple Bacon Brulée, and Poached Pear Prosecco…oh my! The upcoming holiday season is looking extra appetizing with an assortment of specialty and novelty flavors brought to you by culinary trendsetter, Muse Gelato.

Known for gracing the frozen food sections of Whole Foods Markets’ throughout Florida, Muse Gelato is also a celebrated leader in “taste crafting” - creating surprisingly interesting flavors that incorporate healthy fresh fruits and vegetables and make even the most discerning taste buds stand up and take notice. Muse’s flavor creators Andi and Brandon Moss have been busy in their test kitchen shaping artisanal surprises for Holiday 2011.

“We have a number of flavors that we offer on a regular basis,” explains Brandon Moss, owner, Muse Gelato. “But the magic really happens when we are able to create special seasonal flavors. We really get into it, marrying atypical ingredients that may not necessarily seem to work together at first glance, but when all is said and done, they are deliciously addictive.”

So what’s in store for this upcoming holiday season? How about the Stilton Blue Cheese and Port Wine Gelato, Gingerbread Cheesecake Gelato, Egg Nog Gelato, and available now, Oktoberfest Sorbet – made with brown ale from Orlando Brewing, Orlando’s premier certified organic brewery. And that’s not all.

As the days pass by, the temptations keep coming. The future is limitless with plans for gelato bars and pints that will challenge your palate and leave you wanting more. Offering limited-edition flavors based on seasonal ingredients for all seasons, Muse Gelato is always one step ahead of the culinary curve.

To learn more about its exquisite and inspired flavors, visit Muse Gelato’s website at