With two-thirds of visitors to Foodily (http://www.foodily.com/) already sharing their favorite recipes via Facebook, the popular recipe network has taken its mission to make recipe search more social a step further with the launch of Foodily on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/). Now people can share recipes from across the web, get insights into their friend's best-loved dishes and daily cravings without leaving the Facebook Platform. Using its visual recipe search and social feed of friend's recipes, the new Foodily on Facebook experience makes it even easier to discover new recipes, share recipes you love and ask your friends about the recipes they are sharing.

"Eating is one of the most social things we do every day," said Andrea Cutright, CEO of Foodily. "People want to use their friends and family to figure out what to cook and it's clear that Facebook is the place where so many of these conversations are happening. This release brings Foodily even closer to that community with an 'on canvas' experience tailored to Facebook."

In addition to seeing favorite recipes and what friends are cooking in the Facebook Foodily app, people are able to invite and follow new friends or follow popular topics to stay updated on what's new on the web and discover new recipes. All of this news is kept in a streamlined feed that tracks food-related posts and comments in one easy-to-find location right on Facebook.

Foodily's recipe index includes hundreds of sources that range from mainstream food sites to independent food blogs and gives people the ability to visually browse recipes side by side before deciding what to cook, whether searching for "buttermilk biscuits," "gluten-free brownies," or a dish "with pesto and without nuts."

Moreover, people are able to compare recipe details like ingredients, calories, fat content and other nutritional values, which can be a priority when dealing with food allergies, losing weight or merely trying to be healthy. Having their circle of friends available when making these choices can be critical in helping maintain dietary goals.

The app also lets people go beyond their circle of friends to follow favorite cooking styles, dietary requirements, celebrities and chefs, or simply discover people with similar food interests. In the welcome email from Foodily, people will find the first of continued recipe recommendations from food authorities such as culinary expert Victoria Von Biel, so you can go beyond just your friend network and see recipes from categories you care about.