In mid-March, Cupcake Royale, one of the biggest names in baking in Seattle, made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend its operations due to the challenges of running the business during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, customers were happy to learn earlier this month that the bakery was re-opening three of its locations in the city for takeout and delivery, one month after their closing. The news came just in time for the unofficial “holiday” of 4/20, as Cupcake Royale has also introduced a CBD buttercream frosting that was “six years in the making.”

The CBD frosting is available on cupcakes and in pint form through April 30 for customers ages 18 and older. Cupcake Royale calls the product “I Can’t Believe It’s POT Buttercream.” CBD is a federally legal non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp and marijuana and is believed to have calming benefits.

Cupcake Royale owner Jody Hall founded a company that produces edibles, so she was able to use that expertise in crafting the bakery’s CBD frosting.