Chefmaster, a leading supplier of edible colors for cake decorating, including gels, liqua-gels, airbrush, candy colors and more, has recently announced their acquisition of Cake Craft and is in the process of integrating the company into Chefmaster. With this acquisition, Chefmaster will reformulate and match Cake Crafts' entire line of colors and market it under the Chefmaster brand. Customers who previously had preference for specific shades and hues will now have the choice between both companies' hues—such as forest green—labeled under the Chefmaster brand.

Once the new, extended product line is complete, customers can purchase all the products from their distributor. In the meantime, Cake Craft customers can buy directly from Chefmaster.

"We are excited about the opportunities this will present and welcome current customers of Cake Craft into the Chefmaster family," says David Hibbs, director of business development for Chefmaster.