In Upper Arlington, Ohio, an extremely generous customer paid a special price for a donut to help out his beloved local bakery.

On Monday, Tremont Goodie Shop shared on social media how a regular who had been coming into the shop for decades had offered to pay $1,000 for a single custard donut to keep it in business.

“We are in tears. This is a custard donut for $1,000 to help keep us in business. What a blessing,” the shop wrote on Facebook.

During this time when the coronavirus has left many bakeries struggling to stay open, this customer, who has done “little random acts of kindness in the past” like bringing employees pizza, stepped up to help his favorite place pay its expenses and employees.

Tremont Goodie Shop (also known as The Original Goodie Shop) is a full-line, family-owned bakery in Upper Arlington, Ohio. For over 60 years, its baked goods have covered every craving, from donuts to dinner rolls to cakes, cookies and more.