It seems as though the bakery world is a natural second career for football players. In recent years, former NFL stars including Brian Orakpo, Michael Griffin and Jamar Israel (formerly Fletcher) have opened Gigi’s Cupcakes franchises in Texas and Tennessee. Another NFL player recently joined that list in Texas.

Marissa Allen, along with her husband Jeff Allen, former offensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans, opened The Cookie Society on Saturday, April 18 in Frisco, Texas.

The Cookie Society is a boutique bake shop specializing in gourmet cookies, coming in fun and unique flavors. Marissa is the driving force behind the business, as she first got into baking through a personal blog and had experimented with cookies. The new brick-and-mortar location will give the Allen’s a chance to showcase their baked goods, which include cookies, brownies, cookie cakes and more.

The business won’t have to wait until after the coronavirus shelter-in-place order lifts, because it is a to-go model. The Cookie Society will be utilizing curbside pickup and text to order, as well as online shipping.