The brainchild of the co-founders of The RPIA Group, an assembly of progressive bakers, the Business of Baking for Beginners Seminar (BoB) is less than a month away and still gaining momentum.

Baking Buyer Magazine, a nationwide, industry-specific publication, caught wind of the event in late August and published a profile on RPIA Co-Founder and key driving force behind the event, Rick Crawford.

In further efforts to promote the event, The RPIA Group also appeared in the Wall Street Journal’s New Business Opportunities section. To view their advertisement, click here.

In the Baking Buyer article, Crawford advises up-and-coming bakers and said aside from attending the BoB Seminar, they should “Learn how to create success in the business before you invest.”

He also sheds light on what drove him and other RPIA co-founders to hold the event when he revealed some of his own struggles, “The learning curve of costly mistakes, not enough resources to find out how to do something right without it costing $1000+,” were all factors he liked least about owning a bakery, he said.

As a result, BoB is designed for aspiring bakers who are looking at entering the baking industry, as well as people in their first three years in the industry.

“I wish somebody could have helped us in the beginning.” Larry Merritt, bakery owner and founding member of The RPIA Group, said, “It was just plain hard - too many long days for too little money and costly mistakes! We need to try and make a difference for the new folks in the industry,” he said.

The Business of Baking for Beginners Seminar takes place on October 1 - 2, 2011 before the All Things Baking 2011 Conference & Exposition October 2 - 4, both held in Schaumburg, Illinois.

During the seminar Certified Master Bakers (CMBs) from around the nation will impart knowledge worth tens of thousands of dollars to entrepreneurs who want to explore joining the baking industry; or those looking to enhance their baking business.

At the two-day Business of Baking seminar, industry experts will provide key secrets on topics including:

Non-Baker to Successful Owner

Opening a Store Outline – Experts & Contracts

Great Distributor Relations

Hiring Right Day One

Marketing Boards – Great Value for You

Concept to Reality and Types of Bakeries

Social Marketing – Starting Right

And more!

“In the baking industry, the mistakes made during the first two years can mean the difference between success and failure,” Rick Crawford said, co-founder of RPIA Group. “Our presenters will bring a specific knowledge and expertise that will help attendees shorten their learning curve.”

Seating is limited, and a sellout is expected, so signing up soon is important. More information and registration can be found on the website

“Coaching is a key, even companies that have been around for 30 years need fresh, honest eyes,” Crawford said.