Inline Plastics is integrating rDPET manufacturing across its entire product line. The new method develops food-grade packaging material infused with post-consumer content made from chemical recycling—a process that recycles material at the molecular level. 
The company says its new process will divert nearly 1 billion water bottles from oceans and landfills annually, uses 50% less energy, and reduces Inline Plastics’ carbon footprint by 112,000 acres of forest or 233 million miles worth of driving emissions. 
Unlike the manufacturer’s previous PET process, rDPET breaks down post-consumer flakes into molecule that are combined with new ones and turned into packaging material while still retaining the characteristics of brand-new material. Inline says that this process will allow the company to turn old plastic into new plastic over and over again. 
"This announcement signals a major step forward for our company, our commitment to sustainability and ongoing product innovation," says Tom Orkisz, chairman and CEO of Inline Plastics. "The integration of rDPET across all of our product lines was no small task; however, we know how important this solution was to our partners and their customers. Inline Plastics will continue our commitment to developing packaging solutions for a better planet."