In January, Dawn Foods announced the launch of its new sourdough donut mix. The donut is a mashup of sourdough bread and a yeast-raised donut that creates a buttery sourdough flavor with a soft, light and airy texture.

According to Datassentials Menu Trends, sourdough demand has increased by 11 percent over the last several years. This versatile donut mix allows bakers to create a wide array of unique, on-trend offerings. The mix can be used with in both sweet and savory offerings such as sourdough jelly donuts, glazed sourdough sweet rolls, and honey butter-fried chicken sandwich roll.

“As a baker myself, my motivation in creating a sourdough donut was to stretch bakers’ offerings beyond traditional desserts,” says Pastry Chef Mathew Rice, who created the concept. “Sourdough can be used in sweet treats as well as savory offerings – which are extremely popular with Millennials and Gen Z consumers. In my experience, this type of new twist can be the creative kickstart to new possibilities.”