Starting in Dallas, Texas, Lady M Confections is rolling out its Spring 2020 Pop-Up Boutique Tour. The pop-up series is taking Lady M’s famous Mille Crepes and signature cake creations to cake lovers in cities without a brick-and-mortar Lady M boutique.

Lady M’s Dallas Pop-Up takes place at 139 Payne Street in Dallas on Friday, March 6 (3-8 p.m.), Saturday, March 7 (12-5 p.m.), and Sunday, March 8 (12-5 p.m.). The menu includes whole 6-inch and 9-inch cakes in the following flavors: Signature Mille Crepes, Green Tea Mille Crepes, Earl Grey Mille Crepes, and Pistachio Mille Crepes.

Signature Mille Crepes, Lady M’s iconic creation, featuring numerous layers of golden crêpes and pastry cream. Green Tea Mille Crepes are Lady M’s best-selling cake, finished with top quality Japanese matcha.

Earl Grey Mille Crepes showcase Earl Grey tea in three forms: infused into layers of pastry cream, as a glaze, and as crushed tea leaves ringing the surface of the cake. Finally, Pistachio Mille Crepes feature top-quality California pistachios, which are turned into a potent pistachio paste. The pistachio paste is whipped into pastry cream and layered with handmade crepes.