Premium snackable marshmallow maker SMASHMALLOW is expanding its snack roster with the introduction of new gummy snacks. SMASHGUMMY will offer consumers low-sugar gummies available in both fruity and sour flavor profiles in the brand’s iconic hot air balloon shape.

SMASHGUMMY features only three grams of sugar per serving, and is made without the use of sugar alcohols, stevia, IMO’s, or other compromising ingredients and is instead sweetened naturally with organic cane sugar, monk fruit, and allulose. They are free from the top major allergens, are made with non-GMO ingredients, and use a kosher certified bovine gelatin source.

Making its debut in two varieties; FRESH PICKED is a fruit-inspired medley of flavors including strawberry, cherry, orange, and peach and PUCKER UP is a sour version including fan favorites such as watermelon, raspberry, lemon, and green apple. Both varieties are available on Amazon and SMASHMALLOW’s website.

“SMASHMALLOW has always been committed to creating permissibly indulgent snacks using the best real and natural ingredients possible, allowing consumers a chance to satisfy that sweet craving in a mindful yet delicious way,” says SMASHMALLOW founder Jon Sebastiani. “We are thrilled to bring a new option to our consumers that is in-line with our core values of creating products that are formulated with integrity, are modern and on-trend, but that also play on nostalgia and fun.”