Millions of people use Yelp to search for restaurants. The data compiled from their orders has formed the basis for the review site’s first-ever trend forecast report.

Yelp looked at 28 million new reviews over the course of the past year to find a list of words and phrases that were rising the fastest and most significantly between 2018 and 2019, in terms of percentage of users who were mentioning them. This list was then narrowed down to those whose mention rate over the last three years was most indicative of further growth.

Yelp then consulted with Yelp Trend Expert Tara Lewis and scoured the menus of popular restaurants to determine the hottest food trends for the year ahead. 

So what is the No. 1 trend to watch for in 2020, according to Yelp?

Elevated Breakfast

Reviews for dishes like souffle pancakes and cinnamon swirl pancakes have increased by 156.2 percent in the last year.