With many areas of the country affected by the frigid temperatures of winter, Americans are looking to heat up with tasty beverages. National Hot Chocolate Day, taking place on Friday, January 31, celebrates a beloved hot drink.

New York City’s PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown has found an over-the-top way for customers to enjoy hot chocolate in honor of its special day. The rooftop bar and lounge is launching the newest edition of its 20-pound spiked hot chocolate from last year – the 15 Pound ‘Cup of Flaming Red Velvet’ Hot Chocolate.

Created by renowned corporate pastry chef Paola Marocchi, the $125 beverage features enough hot chocolate for ten. It melds the rich flavors of red velvet with Valrhona dark chocolate. Bourbon helps to add extra warmth to the concoction. It’s topped with giant toasted marshmallows with winter-inspired decals and is served with a tower of mini home-made cupcakes and a spoonful of homemade frosting.

PHD Terrace's 15 Pound ‘Cup of Flaming Red Velvet’ Hot Chocolate is available from Friday, January 31 through the end of February.