The king cake is a lavish Mardi Gras tradition dating back to the 12th century in France. This festive sweet roll glazed with purple, gold, and green icing is typically associated with indulgence, but not so much with health.

That changes with a new product from Texas’ Unrefined Bakery. The company teamed up with the registered dietitians at Ochsner Eat Fit to develop a king cake that's centered on a clean list of ingredients including Swerve Sweetener - a natural, plant-based, low-glycemic, zero-calorie sugar replacement that tastes and measures like sugar.

The Eat Fit King Cake is naturally gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, and approved for a ketogenic diet. Each cake has zero sugar, no artificial food dyes, no white/refined flour, 93 percent fewer carbohydrates, 4 times more protein, and 2.5 times more fiber.

The Eat Fit King Cake is available to purchase online and ships nationwide. It is also available in Whole Foods Markets throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, plus Unrefined Bakery’s seven locations in Dallas and dozens of local retailers throughout Louisiana.