On January 1, people across the country woke up after a hard night of partying. Many of them might have even had a headache or other symptoms associated with a hangover.

For that purpose, Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken introduced a new sandwich to start out the new year. The Hangover breakfast sandwich consists of bacon, two eggs, fried chicken, cheese, and gravy, all stacked between a house bun made of baked doughnut dough.

“Fried chicken. Sausage gravy. Two eggs. Cheddar. Bacon. The Hangover is coming for your January 1st morning-after needs, and let us tell you: It's not to be missed,” the Los Angeles location said in a Facebook post.

The breakfast sandwich is available at Astro’s locations in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, California and costs $10.