Termini Bros. Bakery joined other south Philadelphia businesses and residents during the Christmas holiday to raise money for those affected by a tragic gas explosion and fire on Dec. 19, just one block from Termini’s main location.

A retail bakery and Philadelphia tradition since 1921, Termini Bros. posted on social media that it set up donation jars at its four Philadelphia stores during its annual Christmas Eve event to help support those affected by the tragedy, which claimed the lives of two people and impacted more than 60 living in three housing units damaged by the fire.

The Passyunk Square Civic Association set up a fund to provide direct assistance for families whose homes were damaged or lost. “On December 19, the 1400 block of S. 8th Street was the site of a horrible fire that ended in tragedy for several families of the block. We are still working to determine the best ways to directly assist these families, but we know in the coming days they will need the support of their neighbors,” the association reported.

On Facebook, Termini Bros. posted a video captured by one of the bakery’s front cameras showing the Dec. 19 explosion.

“The holidays are about giving, and this year it is even more important to us at Termini's,” Termini Bros. wrote on Dec. 23. “As you may know, there was a tragic gas explosion just one block from our bakery last Thursday, taking lives and leaving families homeless. We are extremely thankful that our bakery was safe and want to give back to those who weren't as lucky.

“This year, we would like to bring some extra Christmas spirit to our annual Christmas Eve event with a fundraiser for those affected by the fire. We will have donation jars set up at all retail locations and will be giving out Termini apparel to those making a $20 donation. All proceeds will be sent to the Passyunk Square Civic Association to distribute to the families affected. If you are unable to attend the event but would still like to donate, you are able to do so at http://www.passyunksquare.org/.

City officials have stated the cause of the explosion is yet undetermined.